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Q. What sort of Expenses can I claim for following an accident?

A. Anything which is reasonably incurred as a result of the accident. This ranges from prescription charges through to damaged clothing, damaged vehicles, and lost earnings. The most important thing is to keep receipts for every expense incurred. Your Accident Compensation Scotland solicitor will help you and advise you. The most important thing is to register your claim early to ensure you are properly advised by an Accident Compensation Scotland expert solicitor.

Q. If I have to claim against my employer for an accident at work, will I lose my job?

A. No. Your employer has insurance to cover the expenses of such claims and will claim against this. If there are any difficulties Accident Compensation Scotland expert compensation solicitors will deal with them professionally.

Q. How much compensation will I receive for my injuries?

A. A lot of people are given false ideas about the real value of their claims to induce them into using a particular claims company. Being an ethical company, that is not the practice of Accident Compensation Scotland. You will receive the proper compensation for your award.

The reality is that the amount of the award for your injuries should be roughly the same whichever solicitor you use, as the court sets guidelines for the value of the injuries. The reason for using Accident Compensation Scotland compensation solicitors is that they will get you the compensation you are entitled to, in good time and in a professional and efficient manner!

Q. My child was injured in an accident over five years ago. At first I thought the injuries were minor, but now they are now much worse than I thought. Can I still make a claim for compensation?

A. Yes. Basically, the court accepts that people under 16 are not of full capacity and cannot make informed decisions on their own about compensation claims. Therefore, they are allowed three years from the date of their 16th birthday to make a claim for accident compensation. The important point is to contact Accident Compensation Scotland immediately so as not to lose anymore time. Evidence can become stale. The sooner you make the claim the better.

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